At Loomis Enzymes®, we believe optimal health is best attained by supplying nutrients the body needs to maintain healthy function − a daily challenge with modern lifestyles and diets.

Enzymes are critical to life and are responsible for every biochemical reaction in the human body, as well as for digestion. That's why the foundation of Loomis Enzymes® products is using whole foods and enzymes to nutritionally support modern-day diets.

Loomis Enzymes® evolved from Dr. Howard F. Loomis Jr.'s goal of providing high-quality products and great value to healthcare practitioners and their patients. We are proud of our history that is tied to the innovations and discoveries of Dr. Loomis, and our future will be rooted in his founding principles.

The Road to Loomis Enzymes®

Dr. Loomis graduated from Logan Chiropractic College in 1967 as a 2nd generation Chiropractor and opened his first clinic soon after. Previously, his father had used pancreatic enzymes and betaine HCl to improve digestion. He strongly believed digestion was the place to begin healing or to maintain health − not to cure disease.

Inspired by his father's work, Dr. Loomis used traditional digestive supplements in his practice and worked for 12 years correlating laboratory results with physical examination findings. In 1980, he was introduced to the work of Dr. Edward Howell − the first researcher to recognize the importance of enzymes in food. This discovery convinced Dr. Loomis that he had finally found the missing link for providing consistent results in clinical nutrition.

Changing the Face of Clinical Nutrition

By combining Dr. Howell's theoretical work with his own, Dr. Loomis began to use individual enzyme supplements to establish exactly how each enzyme influenced the body. After five years of extensive trial and error, clinical study, and reviewing laboratory results the first products were ready to go to market.

For the next decade, Dr. Loomis lectured on the clinical applications of plant enzymes, all while continuing his private practice, clinical investigations, and raising his family. In 1993, he sold his private practice in order to start his own supplement company, establishing Enzyme Formulations in 1995.

From there, Dr. Loomis spent more than 20 years building his company and perfecting his products while continuing to lecture and writing four published books. The Chiro-Zyme®, Thera-Zyme® and Enzyme Solutions® products he created during this time are the foundation of today's Loomis Enzymes® products.

Dr. Loomis' Legacy

In 2018, Dr. Loomis chose to focus on lecturing and writing and passed the business down to his children to continue his goal of providing high-quality products to healthcare practitioners and their patients.

Loomis Enzymes® was formed to continue Dr. Loomis' legacy by providing superior health solutions made to his exacting standards, which our customers rely on.

Loomis Enzymes® Today

The use of natural products grows every year as people look for ways to support their health and well-being. It is our privilege to be part of this journey.

Loomis Enzymes® continues to help healthcare practitioners improve the quality of their patients' lives by providing world-class enzyme and herbal supplements. Doing what is right for our customers and their patients is our guiding philosophy.

Our staff strives to be knowledgeable, helpful, and always ready to assist our customers by providing educational materials, product support, and great customer service. Our success is evident in our long-term partnerships with healthcare professionals as they offer guidance on using Loomis Enzymes® natural supplements to address health challenges and nutritional needs.

Today, we are committed to continuing on the same path we have been on for over 30 years: providing the best whole foods, herbs, and enzymes for nutritional support so you can enjoy a lifetime of natural, vibrant health.

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